An interdisciplinary study of methods and a short-term project

The first phase of this project combines observation (experiment, observation, and interview) with interdisciplinary analysis (discussion round by experts, analysis). We invited senior citizens to "coffee- making," where we observed and interviewed them in a test series.
The observations were analyzed and structured so that we could, in the end, list the user requirements for this activity. These then formed the basis for initial feasibility studies to show possible ways of solving the task.
Following the meetings of the sentha research team, the second phase of the study involved work at the Berlin University of the Arts.
In a short-term project, students described three user types, which were determined with help from the observations and definitions of user requirements.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Schröder are having a good time
2. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer like to get comfortable
3. Mr. and Mrs. Schulze play it safe

Ideas and strategies were developed for the different user types. They show a wide range of possible approaches. The students presented their work on posters.

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