My Lovely Laundrette
New Bathrooms for Old Users

The bathroom - a place of bathing, hygiene, relaxation, communication. Habits change over the years. With advancing age and physical limitations, even basic actions get more difficult.
A im of the project is to reconsider and simplify habits in the bathroom with these aspects in mind.

This project focuses on personal hygiene in the bathroom. Starting point was research from the social sciences. Here we found that individuals listed difficulties in bathing and washing and limitations on accessibility in the bathroom. Advancing age and physical limitations make even simple actions trickier. Goal was to rethink actions in the bathroom and to design new concepts and solutions.

How do older people wash and take care of themselves? Where is their bathroom? What does it look like inside? What do older people find attractive, what do they dislike? And how do we imagine our own old age in the future? What do we want around us, now and later?
Ö were questions in the context of the project. Here we were not looking for tools to meet specific age-related needs, but rather to develop design approaches for surroundings that can also be used by older people without stigmatizing them.

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